Hey guys!!!

The fact that we have preserved our traditions and we still celebrate holidays like our moms and grannies did when they were young, is what makes the Romanian Christmas special. The cutting of the pig when our whole family goes at the relatives in the countryside and helps cutting the pig (poor piggy- don’t worry, you always make for a DELICIOUS meal) and preparing all the awesome types of pork dishes (carnati, caltabosi, jumari, sorici, toba, etc…). The Christmas Eve when we  listen to and sing Romanian old christmas songs (colinde), we enjoy the warm atmosphere of our whole family having dinner together, everyone cooks the meals that our ancestors were cooking years ago, and enjoys the romanian wines and tuica (some sort of really strong brandy)- yes, our grandfathers used to trick us into drinking that when we were really young, all these elements make the traditional Christmas rituals some of the most beautiful moments of the year.

This year we want you to be part of our biiiig biiiiig family and to celebrate with us, by taking part in all these celebrations. So this is what we propose:

On the 16th, our good friends from the restaurant Casa Ardeleana have invited us to participate with them at the ritual of the cutting of the pig. They will bring the pig, the chef to cook the meat, the drinks, you only have to bring your friends and a very good mood and join us on the 16th of December at 19:00!

On the 18th, join us for a traditional Christmas party in the hostel with the big Transylvania Hostel family (We’re a lot, believe me; And we’re fun!) with a traditional, home made dinner, Romanian Christmas songs sung by our friends, present swapping (this year’s theme is “Nostalgia- presents we used to receive when we were young”) and of course, the best party EVER!!! 
18 December, 2010
Iuliu Maniu, 26 The fun starts at 18:00!
Bring your friends and a dish or drink to share with the crowd and a present to swap!